The World's Strongest Man and holder of 143 World Records.

John is a private trainer for both men and women who seek that competitive edge and that athletic advantage that proper training gives. He has towed a Mississippi river boat against the current, piggybacked an elephant, stopped two jet planes from taking off by holding them down, and pulled a 280-ton train along a track just to mention a few of his feats of strength.

John is a Grand Master in JuJitsu and a black belt in both Aikido and Judo. Having appeared in many national television shows, movies, commercials, newspapers and magazines throughout the world John is a media icon.

Examples of His Records:
  1. Pulled a 280 Ton Train
  2. Pulled a 727, 737 & 747 Jet Airliners
  3. Had a Tug of War with 7000 lb Elephant and won
  4. Back lifted same Elephant
  5. Pulled the Sea Escape Cruise Ship weighing 32,000,000 lbs
  6. Prevented a Hot Air Balloon from taking off
  7. Held two 750 Hp planes for 2 min and 56 sec at full throttle from taking off
John's Bio
I'm John Wooten, the holder of 143 World Records. Sometimes, I pull trains, hold planes from taking off, or merely have a tug of war with an elephant, with all that aside, let me tell you a little bit of the other side of John Wooten.

Thank God I have a Brain and not just muscle. Believe it or not, I use to be a Heath Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer for a city in the great State of Massachusetts.

I am a publicity hound and I know how to create hype through the media. I am an entrepreneur in many things. I am a screenplay writer. I write mostly about the mob (The Mafia) or the Wise Guys, The Boys, etc.

I just finished a new movie project called the Mob Connection. There is a 10 minute trailer on one of my other pages of my website, feel free to view it. Also, there is a 4-1/2 minute video showing many of my feats of strength. There is more information regarding my other screenplays. I also produced films, including TV Shows, for example, a few years ago I wrote, produced, and directed and hosted my own TV Talk Show, live from the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In addition, I have produced a TV Show called the Battle of the Titans, more geared to athletic ability than just brute strength. These TV Shows and Movies will become available to buy in the near future on my website. Including videos and DVD's of my famous feats of strength and Martial Arts from the last 30 years. In addition, I have been a Martial Arts choreographer for many different fighting scenes not limited to Martial Arts movies.

Message to my Fans
Be a doer not just a talker.

This message is for you kids and adults as well. Say, No to drugs, any kind of drugs for I was the World Strongest Man, drug free!

Kids please do not try to copy any of my stunts or feats of strength. It requires my years of hard training.

Kids, get an education, because with an education you can still do stunts and feats of strength. Because if you rely on just your muscles, you will starve to death, feed your brain for that is the most important muscle in your body. Example, Arnold Schwarzenegger brains and brawn, John Wooten, brains and brawn and many others! Get my drift!

Just like the song, Frank Sinatra sang, I did it my way!! Do it my way, do it your way. Don't talk about it, just do it!!

Remember what I have told you, whether you are just working out or pumping your brain, you will never go wrong. NO DRUGS!!

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